Poems for Kids

The Animal Doctor's Advice

Freezing fleas and sneezing bees
need assorted herbal teas.

Shaking snakes and aching drakes
should be given lemon cakes.

Swearing hares and blaring mares
can be calmed down with fresh tares.

Stealing eels and squealing seals
should be fed with meals on wheels.

Howling owls and yowling fowls
need some kisses on their jowls.

Still, the cure of barking sharks
fills my mind with question marks.


The Braggart

Where I do come from far away
we're growing tuna there on clay,
we harvest them with giant nets
while riding on our horse-sized bats.
And afterwards we love to dance
a polka on our heads and hands
while drinking fire from the glass
and burning water on the grass.
When we are tired we will leap
for that is how we use to sleep.
We are like that, I don't know why
but I am sure we never lie.


Fools' Rules

There was a score of witty fools
who made up pretty foolish rules.
That riders have to carry mules,
that sheep are to be fed with wool,
that tables shall be placed 'round stools,
that swimmers must jump out of pools.
And to provide the mental tools
they founded fifteen foolish schools
where they instructed other fools
how they can live up to these rules.

One Fat King

Frans Hals: Jester with a Lute

The king was fat and getting fatter.
The jester said, "What is the matter?"
The king replied, "I love to eat
that cheese and chocolate, mince and meat."
The jester said, "This cannot last."
The king exploded in a blast.